joint trainings with artur pujszo
20 September 2019
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by Wojciech

On 09.11.2019 our colleague from Poland – Artur Pujszo came to New York.   Artur is a Judoka, who realizes his passion for fighting by also taking part in related combat sports: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Grappling, ADCC and Jiu-Jitsu sports.  In America, his goal was to compete in the New York Championships NAGA, which took place on 14 September in Albany.

According to the plan and the first trip to the world we considered the first day as a rest. Then we met with seniors and… we organized an extra load for Artur.

The last training before the competition in SG Judo!

A few days before the start, we did the last training with Artur, so that the journey and the change of time didn’t cause sudden fatigue. Together with coaches Jan and Paweł, we fought and were Uke in the last few trainings before the competition. Believe it was not easy! During the official weight of the competition, Artur recorded as much as 121 kilograms!

As you saw, the start itself was excellent! Coach Artur brought with him 3 winning NAGA (North American Grappling Association) belts, winning in three different categories – without kimonos, in kimonos and in absolute form, i.e. without weight division.  Coach Wojtek was at the mat of each of the fights of a senior citizen from Poland and with common strength, tactics and coaching remarks we won 6 fights!

2 weeks of hard work and learning techniques on the ground

Coach Pujszo stayed with us for more than 2 weeks and our players had the opportunity to train technique-oriented trainings in all our schools on the ground floor.

An additional attraction was certainly the opportunity to take a picture with the coaches and the winning belts. One of them stayed with us in New York City and will surely be able to motivate young students to even stronger trainings in one of our rooms.

It was a bit of fun, a bit of hard work and most of all a lot of learning. It’s possible that coach Artur will visit us this year in December, because he liked America very much and the committed youngsters training at SG Judo!

Below are some pictures from the trainings, with belts and coaches. We go back to further training, thank you for visiting us and keep our fingers crossed for a quick return to the mats in the USA!

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