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Train at one of three convenient locations. Choose an advanced group and let your body and soul develop. Judo training is a great way to improve your physical fortitude backed by the power of calm and prowess. You can find us in New York City in Greenpoint and Queens as well as in New Jersey.

Judo New York, Ridgewood Szulinski Martial Art Academy


Judo New York, Greenpoint. Szulinski Martial Art Academy


Judo New Jersey, Wallington. Szulinski Martial Art Academy


Why start

training Judo?

It improves your physical form
You will improve the balance of your body, gain strength and endurance to perform basic techniques. You will easily start performing basic exercises with your own body weight and then with the body of your partner / opponent. Learning the martial arts like Judo is a versatile sport that will be useful for everyone.

Improved coordination
Exercises to improve throwing require good muscular-motor coordination. You will gain this coordination by performing the individual stages of throwing, which will make it much easier for you to acquire further knowledge, either from Judo or from another sport you practice.

It adds confidence.
The repetitiveness of movements, the analysis of individual elements of projections and the performance of more and more advanced techniques build confidence. The reigning over one’s body along with the visible progress of the subsequent lessons motivate, strengthen and explore the essence of the Judo exercise.

It teaches effective self-defense
Judo was supposed to be a safe sport used for self-defense. Fighting with the use of throws, overpowering and finishing techniques both in the ground floor and standing position give the right reflexes during an unexpected attack, e.g. on the street.

It requires common work
“The common good is a double benefit” is one of the most important principles in Judo. The class teaches the students to work together to improve their throwing, falling and fighting control skills.

It shapes character
In Judo, competition is important. It is the competition that best determines the effectiveness of our work. Both in competition and amateur groups this kind of rivalry occurs. Past defeats and victories supported by hard training shape the will to fight and the character of the trained Judo.

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Judo training improves physical fitness, teaches respect and discipline. That's how it is with us.

Trener Wojciech Szuliński - kontakt

If you have any questions, please contact Coach Wojtek

Coach with over 20 years of experience on the mat. 1 DAN in Judo (black belt). He also starts in Sambo with many successes. He represents the United States at national, continental and even World Championships.