New York Open Judo 2019
15 April 2019
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by Wojciech

We are pleased to announce that our friendly team from Poland for the first time ever reached for the winning New York Open 2019 Cup!

The annual edition was held in New York’s most famous New York Athletic Club. The level is getting higher and higher every year, players from higher and higher places in world rankings come, yet our friends after many fierce fights managed to win the whole tournament!

The draw itself did not seem to be “easy”. The first match against Brazil after very spectacular fights was won. Then came the time for our western European neighbors. The Poles quite surely won against the Germans.

As if with every fight they started…

That’s how they got into the final. This only made both team morale and determination under the leadership of coach Borowiak place at the highest level.

The match against Israel, which came in a very strong lineup, was very challenging. However, the Polish team managed to win 3:2.

The composition of the Polish team was as follows:

-66kg Adrian Wala

-73kg Mateusz Garbacz

-81kg Kyrylo Wesolowski

-90kg Radosław Koszczyński

+90kg Oleksii Lysenko

Coach: Wojciech Borowiak

Congratulations to the players and special thanks to the cheering Polonia who showed up that day at the event.

New York Open 2019

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